Contact Person: Bryan Havemann

Address: Gravelotte

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“Building a conservation legacy”

The Selati Game Reserve is a 27 000 ha private reserve of unique biodiversity and unmatched beauty, situated in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Founded in 1993 through the collaborative effort of landowners in the area who shared a common vision, the Reserve plays a vital role in conserving and enhancing the wildlife heritage of South Africa.

Our vision and purpose is clear: to create an enduring legacy by conserving and enhancing the biodiversity of the ecosystem through the astute and sustainable management of resources.

Pioneers in sable breeding, the Selati Game Reserve is a founding member of Benchmark Game Breeders, the auction division of the Gravelotte Sable Study Group. We stand for the ethical and sustainable breeding of sable antelope. We are proud of our pioneering role in this industry and we are extremely excited about the future prospects of this magnificent animal.

Through a process of trial and error and shared learning we have, over the years, established a successful breeding program. On average we have approximately 200 animals in the program at any given time in addition to around 50 free ranging sable on the reserve.  We have had to remain competitive in breeding animals of high quality and superior horn length.  Zambian bloodline was first introduced in the 1990s and we have continued to strengthen the gene pool with the periodic purchase of high quality Zambian bulls.

Sable bull SPIES joined Selati in 2013. He was purchased on the Loskop Game Breeder’s auction from Zeekoevallei breeders. Spies is an original BJ Vorster bull, a son of the popular 007.  At 48.5”, he adds incredible length and excellent genetic quality to the herd. His mother was a Zambian-cross bred by BJ Vorster.

In August of 2014 we purchased the outstanding bull named LUSAKA from Mr Piet Warren at the annual Benchmark Game Breeders auction. Lusaka is a son to the incredible PIET who recently measured 53.5”.

A magnificent homegrown Selati sable bull, MAHOED, a son of  EDWARD, grandson of PIET, is surpassing all our prior growth statistics.  Mahoed will be introduced to a selection of our exceptional females during 2017 and we are looking forward to his offspring.