Contact Person: Gerhardt Vorster

Address: Letsitele

Tel: +27 (0) 83 457 8824




BJ Vorster (Pty) Ltd was founded, through a love of nature and its animals, by late Ben Vorster in 1942. The farms are located in the pristine area of Letsitele in the Letaba district. Edward and Piet Vorster were the founding members of the Letaba Sable study group in 1984. Today, together with their sons, they are proud to be a member of Benchmark Game Breeders.

The first sable breeding project was established in 1997, after they realised that the number of sable on the open farm was declining year after year. Over the years, quality sable breeding bulls (Western Zambian and Zambian) have been introduced in the sable breeding project. The female breeding stock has been carefully bred over the years. Their lines have further been improved by the additions of bloodlines from; Chief, Naas, Madala, Savuti and Big Boy to name a few.

The Zambian sable bulls Mopanie 50 3/8” and Roman 51 6/8” was introduced in September 2015 to their top quality females.

Some of the top quality sable and their offspring that have been offered to the industry include: Zambezi, Kafue, Spies, Lady Di, Makulu, Mike, 007, Rhea and Thandi.

BJ Vorster is home to the extremely rare and ineffable painted klipspringer, as well as nyala, reedbuck and black- and saddleback impala.

Their goal is to breed sought after, hardy, quality animals with the least impact on the environment, realising that the most important thing is to enjoy the privilege to be in nature and all its beauty.