Benchmark Game Breeders 1st Online Trophy Auction

Benchmark Game Breeders will be holding a Trophy animal auction earmarked for the Hunting Industry.

Some of the impressive Trophy Animals on offer include:

15 Hard bossed, extensively reared buffalo bulls (some exceeding RW 46" and most exceeding SCI 114" (Gold standard)).

18 Sable bulls of which 6 exceeds RW 44" including the one on the photograph RW 47 4/8"

11 Nyala bulls - all exceeding RW 26"

4 Golden wildebeest bulls

5 Kudu bulls > 51”

2 White rhinoceros bulls

2 Giraffe bulls (black)

6 Black impala rams

2 White flank impala rams

Click on catalogue cover to view  the animals we have on offer (Coming soon)