Benchmark Game Breeders determination in breeding and retaining only top quality genetics remains unaltered after almost three decades.

Only animals with outstanding potential or proven historical performance are offered for sale during our annual auction. In this respect, a selection panel consisting of 4 top breeders critically select each and every animal offered for sale and should any animal not meet their high standard, that animal may not be at auction.

The quality of the animals produced by members of Benchmark Game Breeders cannot be disputed as the following records are all being held by our members.

     1.     Western Zambian R10.0 million

     2.     Zambian bull - R12.25 million

     3.     West-Zambian cow and calf - R3.15 million

     4.     West-Zambian cow - R1.85 million

     5.     West- Zambian heifer - R2.1 million

     6.     West- Zambian bull - R4.7 million

     7.     Zambian cow - R2 million

     8.     Zambian – Cross bull - R3.5 million

     9.     Zambian- Cross cow and calf - R2.3 million

     10.     Zambian-Cross cow R850,000

     11.     Zambian –Cross heifer - R1.15 million

     12.     Matetsi Cow and calf - R675,000

Discerning and knowledgeable buyers looking to upgrade the genetic potential of their existing herds can absolutely not afford to miss this auction. Equally so the new entrant who want to start with the best genetics available!!